Sunday, May 21, 2006

Giro Update

Well I finally caught some Giro action on OLN. Figures the peleton was taking it easy today because of the brutal week ahead. This means that the 11 man breakaway stayed away. At the risk of boring repitition, I'll release another shot of Jan Ullrich, doing what he does best.

Jan's dogs seem to explain a lot.

The stage winner was a real prick. He made 2nd place finisher Francisco Perez Sanchez do all the work. Sanchez formed the breakaway. He broke away from the break with 5 km to go in the stage. Jiminez, the eventual winner, just held on to Sanchez's wheel every chance he got. It'd be the same tactic I would have used, being the slow fuck that I am, but he's a prick for looking so worried about it:

It really looks like the power of the champagne spray is about to blow him over.

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