Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Morning Procrastination...

I should be preparing for a presentation I have to give later today, but it's just not as interesting as catching up on yesterday's time trial in the Giro. And despite constant ridicule, guess who won? The big boy himself: Jan Ullrich.

Here are the secrets behind his success on a PERFECTLY FLAT time trial - the only place where a fatass like Jan (or me) can succeed:

(a) stay hydrated.

(b) cut-away view of Der Kaiser's Keister

John Francis and I went for a 1.5 hour mountain bike ride at Middle Run yesterday. We're trying to fine tune our legs for June 3rd's 12 O'Muchy 12 hour mountain bike race. I've read that the course has 900 feet of climbing over 7 miles, so I dropped my single speed gearing from 32 x 17 to 32 x 18. What a huge difference a tooth makes in my riding. I'm feeling much more suited to the hills now, and I'm in the perfect gear to accelerate out of technical, twisty, or root ridden sections. I doubt I'll go back to the 17.

Plus, the 1/4 inch decrease in my wheelbase means I can cut back and forth faster, right?


Rachel said...

Do you do the pictures in these posts? The last one with the "unsuitable for younger audiences" was great.

robert said...

Various dudes on provide these pictures. All of the "clarification" is my work.