Monday, May 29, 2006

Bored and boring.

Uneventful Sunday and Monday has led me to make a new stencil.

It's on a sweatshirt here:

Ivan wins the Giro... blah blah blah. I continue to hate Gilberto Simoni. What a douchebag - always making excuses about his losses - from
Basso won the stage after breaking away from Simoni on the final climb. Afterwards, Simoni claimed Basso had broken an agreement between the two that they would stay together so that Simoni could win the stage. The next day, Simoni accused Basso of trying to bribe him.
From the 2005 Giro stage 19, more excuses:
"When I saw Savoldelli couldn’t sustain the rhythm I accelerated," said Simoni after the finish. "I was looking for Rujano help but only Di Luca and I have worked well together. Danilo has done a really great job." But on the last descent, "Danilo had cramps and I was not so well either. It was destiny, after my two wins at the Giro (2001-2003) and my three third places (1999-2000-2004) to take the second place this year. Maybe I could have saved energy on the climb…but I was fighting for the Giro d’Italia!"
Overall though, it was a dull race, ala Lance's glory days. I'm more interested if he can pull off the double. But I would also like to see Jan win the Tour. Or even Floyd, because the French don't hate any American more than a trashy southerner like Landis. I love the molest-ache.

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M to the J said...

Landis has the whole NASCAR driver look going on there.