Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Birthday Bike

Got a new ride on the way... Henry's Bikes just put in the order for a Bianchi Pista. Yes, I will finally own a real fixed gear bike instead of my cobbled together trek touring frame. Now I need to figure out what is to become of that frame.

Funny shit from the live cyclingnews.com Giro coverage on my birthday's stage:

16:20 CEST
Der Jan finishes off his job with a coke for Scott Davis: "Don't want it" Ullrich shrugs and chugs it down.

That lack of self control is why Jan will always be a fat boy. Not like I'm the pot calling the kettle black or anything.

Been trying to get in lotsa miles on the bike. Mountain ride tomorrow, hill ride yesterday - abbreviated by birthday margaritas and Irish beer and music. Soccer was rough today with a hangover. The years keep coming man, the years just keep coming.

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