Saturday, May 20, 2006


The following pictures from Graham Watson help explain why there should be more TV coverage of pro cycling in the US, and why I have an obsession with the sport. There is more drama, strategy, blood, humanity, and sweat than football, baseball, and basketball combined.

Robbie McEwen Hits 80-90 kph

A crash in stage 12 of the Giro.

Dani Navarro is one of the casualties.

as is Roberto Laiseka (you don't see that in football).

This pretty much sums it up. Thanks Graham, for giving me a small taste of what I truly crave in sports coverage.

Meanwhile Leonardo Piepoli just won stage 13, with Basso taking second in the stage. There will be some badass pictures here I'm sure because Piepoli put all of his 43 seconds into Basso in the final 4 kiloeter rain-soaked descent. Basso is looking like the new Lance - the Giro has only just entered the mountains and he already has 3.5 minutes on his closest rival.

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