Sunday, April 30, 2006


The funniest thing about Dela-vania is the suburban sprawl located amongst the beautiful foresty areas and mushroom farms. You'll be cruisin along, enjoying some nice shady trees, you pass a stinking mushroom farm, and suddenly you're surrounded by sold and converted farmland with sterile, oversized McMansions. Depressing one would think, but there is light in this situation. All of these shitty developments for people with no soul, they all have amazing ironic names. Like Candlewyck (the 'y' makes it so Old Money). Or Meadowlane Farms (farms?!?!). Or my personal favorite from todays ride: The Preserve at New Garden. New Garden is like a township collection of McMansion farms, the only thing being preserved in this township is ego. I'm going to develop one of these and call it Sir Wiltshire Huffington Fordingsworth III Acres.

Good day today. Got ahold of some people riding out of Newark and when I finally got directions, I had a half hour to get there. A tall order if traffic is bad. Of course the second I'm ready I have to go to the bathroom. So I do my business, go to the kitchen, fill the water bottles, grab a ClifBar.

I rush out the front door... 25 minutes to ride time. No car in sight. I left it over on Lovering St last night because I was too drunk to drive home and I walked. A 15-20 minute walk. I throw on my Sidi Genius shoes (best shoes ever), clip into the pedals, and SPRINT over to Lovering. Get in the car, throw off the shoes (worst shoes to drive in ever), and tear off for Kirkwood Highway - aka shittiest road in America - 20 minutes to ride time.

I tear ass all the way to Polly Drummond and Paper Mill and pull into the parking lot at the park as they are riding out. They agree to wait, and I hustle and get on the bike. All is good in the world.

It was a decent ride, only 35 miles compared to the advertised 45, but I cranked out some good efforts on some of the hills. I'll take what I can get, with soccer tomorrow, then travel the rest of the week, it'll be at least 5 days til I pedal again.

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