Sunday, April 02, 2006

Not-so-lazy Sunday

Got up at 5.30 am today to make sure my clock reset itself, then went promptly back to bed for another hour upon confirmation. Climbed out of bed at 6.30 and did the normal morning routine: piss, coffee, oatmeal, news.

Mike picked me up at 8 to drive up to Pedricktown NJ to meet a bunch of Jersey folk for a 3 hour Sunday ride. My roommate's girlfriend Morgan was here overnight and she brought her stupid fucking dog, Buck, who bit me when Mike came to the door.

Anyway, went up to NJ to ride, and we were on the road around 9. By 10 am, the knee and arm warmers came off, it was sunny and pleasant if not a little windy. I'm really starting to like to pull into the wind. Anyway, I was at the front for a majority of the 3 hour 55+ mile ride with Tom, Mike, Doug, Chris, and there were a bunch of old guys draggin' ass and suckin' wheel with which I was fine.

After the ride, Tom, Mike, Doug and I wnet to get some pizza. Tom was enlightening me on the best of the 80s music, i.e. Joy Division (which is playing as we speak) and New Order (which I know through Cerissa) as we watched a tractor pull on ESPN - yeah, the sports network ESPN, which still doesn't show cycling.

This afternoon, I read up on the results of Ronde van Vlaanderen (seeing as we STILL don't have cable)... big surprise Tom Boonen won. I like the guy, but I also like surprises. I also washed my car and did some construction around this dump of a house.

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