Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Last night Cerissa drove us up to Philly for a Mathematicians show. I was psyched because the Mathematicians rock hard, it was $1 PBR night at that particular bar, and I was not driving home.

We showed up at 8, the scheduled start time, and there were a couple dudes hanging out in the bar in front of the stage. After talking to them for a while, we realized the show wasn't gonna go on for another 2 hours. So, we accompanied the fine gentlemen to Jim's where they got their first official Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. A couple more people show up closer to 10, and the dudes we were hanging out with (names withheld to protect their alter-egos) change into their true form - Dewey Decimal and Pete Pythagoras. I talked to Albert Gorithm IV for an extended amount of time about their tour and a possible "Live from Delaware" album. These guys rock so hard that they want to be the first (that we know of) to have a live album from the small wonder - Delaware. I'm going to try and help make that happen.

Anyway, onto the show. Over the course of a 1.5 hour set and 6 delicious $1 PBRs, I came up with the following talking points.
  1. They did not play like a band that has been on tour around the continent for 40 days. Their showmanship was on a level of a band with 20 years experience; their energy was on that of a band on their first tour stop.
  2. They fucking rock.
  3. Upstate NY shows are more fun because people sing along//dance.
  4. The Mathematicians fucking rock.
  5. The musicianship, dance moves, equations, rhymes, rap stylings, algorithms, and punk rock moves of the band are on a completely new level.
  6. They rock so fucking hard (and like PBR!)
Anyway, hopefully more to come on a Delaware album recording concerto. Today I'm in Cortland NY on business. I saw some funny shit on cyclingnews.com just now, namely Viacheslav Ekimov scaring the locals in Georgia. I'm pretty sure he's trying for Donald Trump's bad hair//cobra-strike-hand-thing combo.

It looks like CSC took yet another win, in this case Lars Michaelsen won the sprint for the first stage win in the aught-six Tour de Georgia. Pretty exciting shit, especially with another stage tomorrow, and the Fleche Wallonne tomorrow. The CSC lineup for FW = ass kickering: Basso, Julich, Kroon, L├╝ttenberger, Voigt, Sorensen, Schleck, Sastre. Holy crap.

Finally, cyclingnews had this feature on the history of the nickname "Hell of the North" for Paris-Roubaix. My main takeaway was that 1919 champion Henri Pelissier was a pussy compared to 1920 champion Paul "Tha Man" Deman. Reason? look at the pictures:

1920 Champ Demans: Brakeless Fixed Gear

1919 Wussbag Pelissier: BRAKES!!!


MJ said...

I just wish my drunken ass was there to do a little mexican breakdancing on the stage. Alas, they are playing up here on friday so that might happen again after all...

robert said...

If we get this Live from Delaware shit together, you ARE coming. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

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