Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hockessin smells like socks

So yesterday I decided to ride my bike out to Elkton MD (where I work) to pick up my car. It has been sitting in the parking lot since I left for Germany. I got up, ate some oatmeal, had my coffee and planned out a nice 34 mile stroll on the back roads of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland:

I poured the last of my Gatorade out, about half a water bottle worth and figured, it's only 30 miles, I don't need that much sugar for the trip. Skip the ClifBar. Because Dela-vania is so frigging good at marking street names, and coordinating on street infrastructure at the state border, I end up taking a wrong turn and end up in Hockessin. See green below:

42 miles from setting out, I am completely bonked, and I had to ask for directions twice more in Pennsylvania. So anyway, this is a long way to say "Thank you Dela-vania for your lack of streetsigns, your chicken-shit fertilizer mushroom farms, and your 'Stop except for right turn' signs."

Right now, I am nursing a hangover obtained via gin and tonics and cheap beer. I spent my night at Scratch's telling my friend I was bored because I was the best looking guy in the bar. I wasn't kidding.

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