Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good little consumer

Thursday night, owing to the fact I had Friday off, I went out drinking with a bunch of people from Gore. We did nachos and margaritas at Kid Shelleen's, then spent the remainder of the evening at the DelRose. I swear Trolley Square is one giant frat party. I'm going to spend less time drinking in there and more time leading a healthier lifestyle, meaning I'll drink tall boys of PBR on the curb outside instead of in that sweaty fire hazard. It's sad when my main goal of an evening is trying to see how many fat balding frat-type boys I can annoy without getting my ass kicked. That, and bars is the worst way to meet people if you want to actually have some sort of rapport.

So anyway, after nursing my hangover in bed until noon, I got my lazy ass out on the fixed gear to work out some of the kinks that are lingering from soccer//hill ride. I spun out 52 to the intersection with Route 1 in PA and came back the same way. It was good to get that hoss rolling, I miss spinning downhill at 180 rpm and trying to keep my ass in the saddle. It works wonders for leg-kink-removal.

With the upcoming travel on my calendar, I've decided I think I'm going to buy a new ipod. My current one has no battery life left, and it works great as my car's source of music because I can leave it plugged in. On top of that I'd really like to buy a pair of these. Unnecessary, yes, but my checkerboard needs are never quelled. Additionally, I'm thinking about buying a new singlespeed mountain bike, namely a Carver 96-er. Why? Because everyone is going 29" around here, and while that only makes me half a man, it's something a little different. I'm going to need to sell my current singlespeed to afford this new steed though. Finally, I'm thinking of buying a new car before the year is out. Right now, the current choice is a mazdaspeed 3. It's not out yet, but....

Last night the r4L and I went to see the Appleseed Cast at the First Unitarian Church in Philly. Holy shit are they good live. The second band that opened for them, Aloha, was also really fucking good. They had a rotating line-up with a lot of emphasis on percussion, and really catchy repeated riffs. They even had a marimba! They also had some guy selling used vinyl at the show; I picked up some Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, and of course Frank Zappa.

I'm listening to the latter now and getting ready for the 50 mile Queen B ride out of Newark. Supposedly no faster than 18 mph average group ride, but there are some fun "unofficially peppy" sections. It's funny to hear that some consider this a "hilly route." Hi, I say to them, we're in... Delaware.

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