Monday, April 10, 2006

Full week

I must admit, life is pretty good. I'm traveling, biking, climbing (sort of), working a cool job. I do feel somewhat isolated in Delaware sometimes. I'm pretty far from most of my best friends and all of my family, but there relief here and there. Ma and Nick are coming to visit in 2 weeks which will be nice. I'm going up to Troy to visit people at the end of the month. Silas is probably going to visit in the next couple of months. July, it looks like I'm going to head out to San Francisco to see a bunch of people. August will have the family together in Tennessee hopefully. And Thanksgiving/Christmas can't be far past that. I guess I need to try a little harder to make good friends around here. The bike community holds a lot of promise.

Go Vertical is a pretty nice climbing gym. We spent about 2 hours there yesterday before we headed home so I could watch Paris - Roubaix. What a frigging heartbreaker. Hincapie with a broken shoulder when the race was going his way everyway possible. Then Leif Hoste and Vlad Gussev and De Peet all DQed for an illegal train crossing the referees didn't even see. Even Boonen, who "took" second was a little bummed with the outcome - just not in the true spirit of cycling. Though Cancellara had a fabulous ride to win - no one can take that away from him.

Up ahead this week:
Tuesday - first Gore soccer game.
Wednesday - Hilly road ride out of Newark
Thursday - Mountain biking (hopefully) or fixed gear road ride
Friday - Day off + Appleseed Cast in Philadelphia
Weekend... don't know. It should be a good week.

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