Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter wrap

Yesterday the Queen B ride was exactly what I was looking for. Mostly a moderately paced ride with a couple rolling regroups. We did have a nice long haul ass period where myself and two other decent (read: fitter and slimmer than me) riders had a nice 3 man break. We were pacelining at around 27 mph. It may as well have been fucking Mars for me because there was not enough oxygen around for my liking. Myself and one of those two guys had a friendly little rip-each-other's-legs-off jaunt for the last 2 miles of the ride as well, though I ended up fading and he took the 'win'. The ride averaged around 18 and a half mph for 47 miles - not bad for a "B ride".

Today I did the 32 mile Shroom Route that traces the north DE to PA border. There's a mushroom farm within farting distance for the majority of the PA part of the route. I started out slow - my legs felt like shit, I think from a sober night in last night. As I shook out the kinks, the pace picked up a little, and I averaged just over 18 mph. Whatever. I'm fat and proud.

Justin had an Easter potluck today. I had a couple PBRs and some wine from an empty PBR can. There was some delicious ham, some mac and cheese, and some really good sweet potato casserole. We played some Cranium, and Christin and I got schooled - I blame poor dice rolling, and a trick Jimi Hendrix question - I KNOW HE WAS LEFT HANDED. Rob, Stacy, and Justin won, a close second to Tim, Jaran (sp?), and Lindsay.

CSC had another fine day in the office. Another one-man win in the spring with Frank Schleck. One hard man from a team of Rockwell's over-achievers. Cancellara last week at P-R. I can't help but think they are taking a note from Jens Voigt, one of my personal favorites - mostly for his lack of fear of taking a huge flyer - over and over and over again. Though I have to give Steffen Wesemann credit for spending a huge amount of time alone off the front and then attacking again for a commanding second place.

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