Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cerissa's party

Well, no one died Friday night, but I think our house got a little abuse. Our 3rd roommate and his girlfriend were not pleased with the party atmosphere. I can't say I blame them because we did break the shower, the front door, my bed, and someone did attempt to break the beer pong table.

Thankfully, Adam was here (and helped cause the damage), and he used his carpenter ninja skills to will the furniture back together with the help of MJ, John, and I. And he bought me a bunch of tools because he's a ridiculously nice guy like that.

I went with Rocco, Cerissa, and Robyn last night to see Inside Man. Rocco and I snuck some Red Stripes into the theatre and both of us almost exploded our bladders. On the way home, I was in Robyn's car and Rocco in Cerissa's, and Rocco ran up to Robyn's car at the stop light and ripped me out into the street. I made a big show of it and played dead before jumping back in the car. Of course, this all happened right in front of a State Trooper, and Cerissa was immediately pulled over. I hid my beer bottles under the seat (they were coming home with us to get recycled) and the cop drove up from Cerissa's car and asked "Were you guys just fuckin' around?" I reply, "Yeah that was my friend Rocco." He shot an annoyed glare and drove off.

If the lovely roommate and Rocco ever get out of bed today, we are going climbing at Go Vertical in Philly.

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